Our Beliefs

1. That there is only one true God who shows himself to nature in three persons, as God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit.

2. God is love, grace, and sovereignty; He is the creator, sustainer, redeemer, and judger of the entire universe.

3. Salvation is by grace alone, and that is a gift from God through his Son Jesus Christ only.

4. The Holy Bible is The divine inspiration and supreme word of God. Both the Old & New Testament scriptures are of God, and are completely applicable in our daily lives today in the 21st century.

5. Jesus is God’s eternal Son, God Incarnate. The Lord Jesus Christ—born of the virgin Mary, who was human, yet divine at the same time.

6. The atonement and sacrifice of Christ on the cross, who died for us in our place, paying the penalty of sin, thus defeating sin, so that we can be called “Children of God.”

7. The justification of sinners solely by the grace of God through faith in Christ.

8. The ministry of God the Holy Spirit, who leads us to repentance, unites us with Christ through new birth, empowers our discipleship and enables our witness.

9. The visible/physical return of Jesus Christ The Messiah, who will raise all people to judgment, bring eternal life to the redeemed and eternal condemnation to the lost, and establish a new heaven and new earth.

10. Fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit that God has given us, that are completely applicable and visible today in the 21st century. – God is the same God yesterday, today and Tomorrow.