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Please pray for our projects

  • Sponsor a family: Feeding a poor family of five costs $100 per month.
  • Sponsor a child: Sponsor a Pakistani orphan for $60 per month.  Your support will provide the child with books and food.
  • Sponsor a pastor: Sponsor a pastor trainee for $100 who will work in remote ministry areas.  Your support will cover finances for training and food expenses during training.
  • Sponsor a teacher/school:
    • Primary school teacher – $125 monthly salary
    • High school teacher – $175 monthly salary
    • Bible school teacher – $150 monthly salary
    • Sewing school for girls who are learning this skill in villages – $200 monthly
  • Sponsor a well: For $300 we can dig a well that will provide drinkable water for 50+ families.


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