About Hunook Ministries

Founded in 1979 in Pakistan
Dr. Falak Sher established the ministry in Pakistan during fall 1979 to bring a message of Grace, Hope, and Love to the people of Pakistan. Hunook Ministries operates two ministries, one centered on evangelism in Pakistan, and parts of south Asia, the other half of the ministry is focused on evangelism to religious minorities that live in the USA. North America is a melting pot, where people belong to many faiths and belief systems, it is important that American Evangelical Christians are able to penetrate these minorities by administering the gospel to them.


“Years ago we were very focused on foreign missions, we still are to an extent, but due to the USA’s rapid international growth, the mission field has come to us. So the question remains, what are the majority of Evangelical Christians/Churches doing with the local mission field? It is a great opportunity, we ask all believers to partner with us on this vision!”

Dr. Falak Sher

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